Who can understand a dancer better than a dancer?

I have started dancing shortly after I started walking, and ever since I have been on the journey of learning the fascinating language of dance. When I have discovered my passion for photography, the two came together and I set on a mission to tell the tale of dance through my photography work.

As a dancer myself, I can easily connect with the performers which allows me to capture the true dynamics of a dance in the most authentic way. My specialty is capturing film stills and backstage for dance groups, choreographers, theatres, and dance film productions.

While being based in Amsterdam, I work on projects in the Netherlands and Europe.

Are you choreographing a dance performance, shooting a dance video or organising a dance event and want to make sure the dance, the atmosphere and the creative process is captured in pictures?

Schedule a virtual coffee with me and let's discuss how we can visualise it.

Telegram @elenazemlyanskaya


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